A third eye to perceive the world newly

We combines UX with AR
technologies to provide brand-new
experiences and authentic insights.

our technology and products
We specialized in


in Education

"By combining AR technology with education, ArtygenSpace provides learners proactive learning opportunities to enjoy novel, realistic, and exciting learning experiences."

#AR #education #reading


in Manufacturing

"ArtygenSpace facilitates practical training, simplifies maintenance processes, and enhances overall productivity by introducing AR technology to industrial sites."

#AR #site #production


in Management

"ArtygenSpace creates new business insights by combining and transforming visual, intuitive, and flexible data through AR technology."

#AR #data #insight


connected with UCS

"The UCS(User-Created Services) leads ArtygenSpace to step into the Metaverse world by connecting those various services beyond the UCC(User-Created Contents)."

#metaverse  #user #service

"Knock on space, Walk in space"

A key value of ArtygenSpace is people. In ArtygenSpace, creative talents produce future-oriented products and services. ArtygenSpace always pursues in a direction that everyone to be interested in human society and not neglect to make efforts in ideas and creativity, regardless of the profession. Like a SpaceBar key on the keyboard, our members always think and act like designers with infinite scalability.

impressive Work

Interactive book

since 2019, Korea

bett show

2020/2022, London

treasure kit

2022, Korea


since 2021, Global


2022, Las Vegas


2022, Korea